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Frequently Asked Questions

We strive for 100% customer satisfaction. Please review our Frequently Asked Questions below or contact us for prompt assistance.

Do I need to install any software?

OneChimp is a SAAS (Software As A Service) solution. As such, all updates, installations and fixes are applied automatically to your licensed copy of our platform without any downloads. Our software is on blinding fast 99.9% uptime servers and information is encrypted with the latest industry standard methodologies to protect your data. Just click on your login link and get busy in less than 60 seconds!

Why OneChimp?

OneChimp is the perfect solution for all your real estate management needs. Whether you are an individual looking to automate your business, a team leader looking to grow or are a brokerage owner, OneChimp is your one stop shop for managing all things Real Estate!

Is your "GO" subscription really FREE?

Yes! We want you to fall in love with OneChimp as much as we do developing new and exciting features without the burden of "Limited Time Trials" or having to provide credit card information. Our FREE account has all the bells and whistles with a 3 transaction limitation. So go ahead, take a look around, ask questions and enjoy. When you are ready to add modules or your 4th transaction, you'll unleash the full power with our white labeled Pro subscription.

Do I need to be a broker to use the PRO edition?

No-Unless you plan on opening up your own office. Please check you local and state regulations for specifics. Our software is ideal for teams or managing entire brokerages. Our Pro subscribers enjoy complete office automation. You may private label our application to impress upon your associates the importance technology plays. With enhanced support, we are here to support your business growth. When you win, so do we!

What do you mean by #UnFranchising?

We don't believe that you need to buy into an expensive franchise to obtain a platform that in most cases is far inferior to OneChimp. We envision the real estate industry will continue to move towards automation. Brokerages that embrace technology to automate and grow will survive. We don't think it's fair to pay franchise fees, startup fees, royalties and ongoing garbage fees. Our PRO subscription starts at only $300/month and includes most everything you'll need to run a successful organization without the high ticket price. So go ahead, spend those extra dollars on marketing and taking a much needed vacation.


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